About Us


Joel Chauran


Enjoying nearly two decades traveling the world and designing for many of today’s top retailers, I am thrilled to present the CHAURAN brand; a brand that represents who I am as a designer, and what so many of us want to bring into our lives - Style and Comfort.

Our sense of style and comfort is portrayed in layers of texture and subtle patterns. Always emphasizing natural fibers, we use eccentric combinations of fabrics and techniques and tame them with a subtle palettes. For final touches we add pops of bling that accentuate our collections much like a perfect diamond earring or the cherry on top.

CHAURAN is a contemporary take on soft luxury.....we hope you enjoy!



Designing product over the years has taken me to many beautiful and unusual places across the globe. I have been fortunate to roll my sleeves up and work alongside many of todays most influencial home furnishings brands as well as their factory affiliates in foreign countries.

With the highest regard I am proud to be affiliated with ABIA. Owned by Nitin and Ritika Jain, ABIA is a stand out factory for Quality, Consistency, Integrity, and extremely talented Design force.

ABIA oversees all of CHAURAN production with expert precision.